Floor Care Information

  • All heavy traffic areas (kitchen, foyers, etc.) should be screened and recoated at least every other year.

  • If Hardwood floors have cupped or buckled, a dehumidifier will be needed in crawl space or basement.


  • Floors should be cleaned with Squeaky Clean (tm). Spray Squeaky Clean on floor and use a dry mop to clean area.

  • Let urethane cure for 3 days before putting back furniture. NEVER pull or drag furniture across hardwood floors.

  • Place felt pads under everything not sitting on area rugs.


A 200 pound man wearing men's dress shoes with a regular heel will exert less than 30 lbs. of pressure per square inch. However, a woman's thin heeled shoe, especially a stiletto heeled shoe, can seriously damage all types of floor covering. For example, a 110 lb. woman wearing those shoes exerts in excess of 1,000 lbs. pressure per square inch.

These shoes can dent hardwood and vinyl floors, chip ceramic tile, and puncture carpet and padding. This is the return of a problem that has plagued the floor finishing industry for more than 20 years. Please note: It is not now, nor has it ever been, considered to be a manufacturing defect of floor covering materials by any floor covering manufacturer.